Subdream Studios Values


Things move fast in a start-up, we need to trust each other to do things right. At Subdream Studios, our employees are not micromanaged; if you’re assigned or volunteer for a task, we trust that you will see it through. If something is blocking your task, find a way to unblock the path or communicate with others. In addition, don’t say something is finished if it’s riddled with bugs or typos. Saying something is done before testing is annoying for everyone.

Fiery Passion

In the end we're passionate about games! We love to have fun and expect our employees to feel the same way. Subdream Studios has a lot of opportunities, but whatever you do, our employees should be passionate about it. Take pride in your work and share it with others. You never know when your optimism can light other's passion.

Always Be Learning

We don’t expect our employees to know everything, that is what Google is for. Instead, we want a team who can learn quick and apply their new knowledge. Start-ups face unexpected challenges all the time, stay on your toes and keep learning.

Courage and Humility

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere. We want to create an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas. More importantly so, we expect our employees to be humble. Just because your amazing idea wasn’t chosen, you should not be discouraged to speak up next time. You must be able to stand back and understand why another course of action was chosen. Sometimes, accepting that your idea wasn’t as amazing as you thought is the most courageous thing we can do.