WIP: Thunder and Earth Magic

Here are the final two rough animations for the battle scene, Earth and Thunder. With this done now its time to add damage animations to cut off attacks early and sound effects.

Also posted yesterdays work. So like I mentioned, these are the rough animations, after this I need to work on the following:

  • Damage Animation

  • Magic Animation Cancellation (stop magic when damaged)

  • Face Animation

  • Sound Effects

  • Death Animation

  • Heart Effects (Low Priority)

  • Fade Slider (Low Priority)

  • Run in Animation (Low Priority)

So as you can see, lots to work on! Back to work!


General Update #2

If you haven't noticed, we changed names! Game is now called Bit Kingdom. We decided this to make it fit the game play more and to make the name shorter so here's the new logo!


Other than that, the biggest update we have is that we've added Korean language to the game for all our Korean fans. In addition, we've also settled on the design of the single player mini-game. It's a simple elemental battle with timing-matters mechanics. Choose your element and try to hit the the white line on the slider. The closer you get, the higher the possibility of winning! The GIF does a better job at explaining than I do. 

NOTE: All images and videos are still in Alpha stages and are subject to change. 

The next steps are making a much better animation for the battle sequence. Right now it is very bland and slow, so we want to make it faster and cooler looking for the user. 

That's all we have for today, thanks for reading and don't forget to comment if you have any questions. Later!


General Update #1

Hello everyone!

My name is Francisco, I am a developer on Kingdom Watcher: Duels. We’ve been working on this game for about a month, but are now starting our blog.

To start let me explain some of the core features already in the game:

  • Single Player Mode
  • Mercenary Management
  • Mercenary Purchasing
  • Coin and Victory Ticket Distribution
  • Login and Registration Functions

As for art assets, we have most in the game, though there are a still a few that need work, including the logo which currently the Kingdom Watcher logo plus some quick lettering.

I’ll be writing a new post every Friday for sure, with additional short updates and articles about how certain things work specifically. Other than that, comment any other things you’d like me to touch on. Have a good one!